When I was in high school, I REALLY wanted to take Photography but there was an additional materials fee and my parents couldn't afford it so I took Wood Shop instead.

As a result, I have a completely uneducated eye when it comes to taking photos and I'm probably breaking a lot of rules that I don't care about, but at least I can make an ugly clock out of a 2x4.

Bad photos can be found here:

Ugly clocks are coming soon to my Etsy shop.


@Alice@beige.party @Alice@gram.social @mentallyalex OK….I went to the account for the bad photos and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled…

I didn’t see the bad photos. I was promised there would be bad photos. I just saw a bunch of interesting photos.




😂 That's really nice of you! I’m just an idiot with a crappy phone camera randomly clicking whenever I see pretty colors.


@Alice A few things….

1) I teach beginners how to take better photographs. I’m really good at it. :)

2) You prove that, even with a “crappy camera”, people can create compelling, interesting images.

3) You have the proverbial ”good eye.” Whether you’re doing it consciously or not, you are seeing “pretty colours” and taking really good pictures of them!

4) You do something few beginners do - you look up and down for your images! Most people take photos at their own eye level.